Marketing Magazine’s Big Questions Live show is returning!

Chaired by Philip Smith, Brand Republic, it features a panel of high-flying digital marketing directors facing the most hard-hitting questions posed by our live studio and online audiences.

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During the show we’ll be debating how organisations can move beyond customer-centric to become customer activated in three key steps:

  • Open your business up to feel the full value of customer influence
  • Pioneer digital innovation, fuelled by your customers, across your business
  • Craft the most engaging customer experiences

 You can put your burning questions to our panel now then tune in live to hear them answered.

Conny Kalcher
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Darren Gerry
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Pardeep Duggal
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About this event

Insights from a recent IBM study, with over 4,000 interviews from C-Suite executives worldwide, confirm that organisations are transforming irrevocably to place the customer at the heart of their business strategy and their future. No longer should customers be confined to traditional activities such as input on product or services. They have a crucial strategic role to play.

But accepting customers as stakeholders in determining an organisation’s future has huge cultural and organisational implications. These businesses cannot just be customer-centric. They have to be customer-activated.

So what does this mean? How do we get there? What are the opportunities? What challenges will we face?

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Martyn Jobber
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